Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Do you know anyone famous?

Who do you know? Help out the West Memphis Three!
Everyone knows someone famous.... or has a friend who knows someone famous. We need signed items from celebrities for a very big online auction to benefit the West Memphis Three's legal defense fund (www.skeletonkeyauctions.com). These items will be available to be bid on worldwide, and each item will run for 10 weeks. We will be listing items on a continuous basis until Damien, Jason & Jessie are free.
We're also interested in artwork, jewelry, clothing, anything that you think someone would be interested in buying.Help out the West Memphis Three and contact your nephew's babysitter's ex-girlfriend's hairdresser who used to hang out with ______(insert appropriate celebrity name here)______ and ask for something to be donated! Contact me if you can help!

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