Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lorri Davis, wife of Damien Echols speaks out to free her Husband

Photo taken by Grove Paschley

Posted By Shaun ChaiyabhatDamien Echols' Wife Speaks Out

Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin were convicted and sentenced to death for the 1993 killings of three young boys in West Memphis.
Christopher Byers, Steven Branch and Michael Moore were found beaten and mutilated.
For more than 12 years, 'The West Memphis Three' sat behind bars, proclaiming their innocence.
Lorri Davis married Echols 5 years after he was sentenced to death.

(Little Rock, AR 12/05/07)
A rare look at the wife of a convicted killer on death row, as she works to free one of the 'West Memphis Three'.

Damien Echols sits on death row along with two others, convicted of killing three young boys as part of a satanic ritual. 12 years later, Lorri Davis-Echols is giving an hour-long radio interview in Little Rock, speaking candidly about some things, while keeping her lips sealed about others.
In October, lawyers filed a petition that included new evidence, like DNA test results that show no link to the West Memphis Three. Now, Lorri Davis-Echols says it's time to take her campaign to free her husband public. She's hoping to use the radio-waves to sway support for her husband.

"Suddenly everything falls away. The state's case falls away. There were no knife wounds on these victims. So you slowly start taking apart the state's case which is what we worked so hard to do."

"Do you feel comfortable in a little bit about your relationship with Damien," asks a radio host.
"It came out of seeing a documentary," says Davis-Echols, "and then I got very interested in the case."

She says their relationship grew -- slowly -- but she never elaborates exactly what her relationship is like with a husband on death row.

Her goal? to free him. She says Echols, Misskelley and Baldwin all have faith they will get out of prison.
"They do have faith and they're so grateful for all the people that have come forward and are their voices."
Davis-Echols is hoping a letter-writing rally called "Arkansas Take Action" will persuade the state capitol to her the new evidence. One of the victim's fathers, John Mark Byers, is also supporting that cause on December 18th.


ladybugchick said...

I have just watched the documentary Paradise Lost 2 and was interested in doing some research myself.I had caught something that may be nothing but I think it should be said.I have copied a paragraph from a site posted in 2004 that includes:"Christopher Byers sustained the most serious abuse. He also had been hogtied with shoelaces, and had many fresh injuries all over his body, more severe than those found on the other. The wounds on his buttocks were most serious, and he had multiple defensive wounds. His skull had been fractured. He had been castrated, and the skin of his penis had been removed. The autopsy would later discover dangerously high levels of the prescription drug carbamazepine in his blood. While he was also found in the water, he had not drown, but died from loss of blood."

My finding are that in the documentary Mr.Byers had stated that he lost his teeth due to the taking of this medication listed among other excuses used.I figure that the mention of this drug may be acoincidence or a slip up on his part.I know that another man is being looked at right now with new DNA finding but I would not rule Mr.Byers out yet based on watching this man in this video and not to mention an instinct.

Kim said...
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