Monday, December 3, 2007

Rock for Freedom Weekend

ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKENDFREE THE WM3MARCH 7-9This coming March 7-9 a new International West Memphis Three fundraising event will be celebrated: the “Free the WM3: ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND”. (RFFW & RFFW WEBSITE: event will be celebrated, as other fundraising events in the past have, with Supporters, all over the World, holding shows and concerts to raise money for the West Memphis Three Support Fund.The hard work by Supporters over the years to raise money for the Defense Fund that pays for lawyers, investigators, and DNA testing is paying off, as Damien, Jason, and Jessie move closer to freedom. Now is NOT the time to mistakenly think that our work as Supporters is over though! Now, more than ever, Damien, Jason, and Jessie need us to not only continue our fundraising efforts, but to multiply our efforts more so than ever before! With the filing of the new evidence will come even more filings, hearings, possibly more DNA testing and case investigation, all of which the Defense Fund pays for! The legal fees have already skyrocketed and will continue to do so. The funds raised by Supporters putting on events for the ROCK FOR FREEDOM WEEKEND will continue to pave the WM3’s road to home. Without us, without our efforts to replenish the Defense Fund, Damien, Jason and Jessie will remain exactly where they are……falsely imprisoned! Please visit the RFFW site on Myspace ( )for details on how to get involved!Damien, Jason, and Jessie are counting on us and we cannot let them down! We have helped bring them this far….let’s see this through to the end! IF WE WORK TOGETHER THERE IS NOTHING WE CANNOT ACCOMPLISH! Free The West Memphis Three!Much love,Nancy (Boohiss), STL (Chandra) &The RFFW Crew

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